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Transgenderism: a Christian Viewpoint

You can’t turn on the news without hearing the newest instance or iteration of transgenderism in our society. It has become the focal issue in our current moral climate. And while the easy answer is to condemn it, we must be ready with clear responses as to why, from the Bible, we believe it is […]

Christians and Halloween

“Should Christians participate in Halloween?” This question is rarely asked, but often wondered.  And if we are going to answer the question, can we get a definitive Biblical answer?  Sure we can.  God is not silent.  Now, we must apply what principles the Bible gives to the actual situations of life, but I leave that up to […]

Announcing the Book, NO REGRETS

Well, here goes…This fall I felt impressed to write a book for teens about “living a life worth living”–phrase I often ask young people if they are doing.  I wasn’t sure if it was something I should undertake, but I felt the Lord urging me to do so.  Several events confirmed that this prompting was […]