My name is Frederic B. Fies.  I am happily married to my wife of nearly 15 years, Amy.  We are expecting our fifth child, a boy, next week (October 28, 2013).  I have a son, and three daughters already–Josiah, Abigail, Tabitha, and Charity.  I love my family and love to spend time with them.


I am the youngest of two boys.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and rural Arkansas split evenly.  Therefore, I love sailing and hunting (an unusual combination, I know).  I love to play and write Christian music.  I love mathematics and real-world science experiments. I know all of this points to me being a bit of a geek, but I wear the badge with honor.  My parents are still alive, Bill and Karen Fies, and they reside in Arkansas.  My wife’s parents live with us (her dad has been a pastor for over 38 years, and is now debilitated).  Oh, by the way, I drink soda not coffee: and too much of it at that…but I am working on it.


I cannot fully describe myself with out telling you how much I love God.  I am a Christian, meaning I claim Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.  I would never have known God’s love, except through His Son and the sacrifice He made on a cross outside of Jerusalem.  He paid my debt and didn’t have to.  I am so grateful to God for the peace that comes with having my eternal destination settled.  At this writing, it was just over 30 years ago that my father showed me verses from the Bible about salvation, and I accepted the free gift of eternal life.  That moment shaped my entire life.


I am a pastor.   I know, you already read that off the header on the home page.  But it is more that what I do: it is my calling.  I am called to guide, counsel, preach, testify, lead, serve, all with a heart like Jesus.  (A high standard, I realize.)  I don’t wear a tie and carry a Bible because I think I am better than the average person, because I don’t.  But I know that all of us need someone at times to represent God’s influence in our lives and steer us in the right direction.  i am so grateful for the men who have done that in my life.  I hope to be just a fraction of the help in others’ lives as they were in mine.

Those men are…

  • Dwight Tomlinson (now Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church of Newport Beach, CA)
  • Don Ohm (now Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church of San Antonio, TX area)
  • Don Robinson, Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church of Bradford, AR for over 38 years
  • Jesse Hobgood (retired Pastor, my wife’s father, and my mentor)
  • Paul Chappell, Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church of Lancaster, CA for over 27 years

So, I walk in big shoes.  Some days, I think I can’t do it.  Other days, I realize I must: because God called me and others need a good pastor.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Chip Salonna (aka: Joshua Waulk (fake)) · · Reply

    Well, it’s not a DIScouraging comment. Just a disappointed comment. I ask you a couple of questions on Twitter and you block me. They weren’t even horribly sarcastic questions or the pointed comments I often make. Pretty much just serious questions. But you delete your responses to me and block me. No sweat. I got screen shots I’m going to post.

    Not absolutely sure you’ll see this because I’m not including my email address. But in case you do, just know it looks pretty cowardly on your part. Thought you were supposed to be ready to give an answer and all that. (1 Pet 3:15). Even if you think 1 Peter doesn’t apply, there’s the issue of not either standing behind what you say or apologizing for it. Erasing it shows a lack of integrity in my opinion.

    1. Chip (if that’s your name),
      I don’t use social media to get into online debates. Especially with those who are not following me or that I follow. This is the second time you found my account. You asked me a question, which I answered. I asked you a question which you did not. Then you asked me a second question. I don’t have time to have someone to bait me on an open forum. So, I take you as not having a serious desire to dialogue. People who find me, don’t answer any questions, but want to be the one controlling the conversation, I don’t have time for. To me, that is trolling. I blocked you for the sake of those who do care about hearing me out. And deleted the tweets because then there would be mystery responses to blocked tweets. Hope this clarifies. I am sure you use your Twitter in a way that pleases you, as do I. If you have further questions, I will be glad to answer them over email.

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