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The Epicenter of Truth

My First Quake… “Earthquake!” That word will shake you as much as the ground will. In 1989, my family and I experienced the Loma Prieta quake that rocked the San Francisco Bay Area. One of my friends, Peter, shouted that word and we began to scurry out of the house. It was 5:04 pm on […]

The Counsel of the Young Men

One day you wake up and your 35 with five children, and you realize, “I am not young anymore.”  I feel young.  I may even look young.  But I am not considered young anymore–at least not by the next generation.  Can you remember when you were a teen or young adult?  Someone in their mid-thirties […]

Pray for Jerry.

Originally posted on The Truth in Love:
Praying for my friend, Jerry. Tonight they put in a permanent feeding tube. He has three boys still at home. Please pray for them as well.