His Harvest

Why do we do what we do? That question has been asked so much that it even seems cliché to repeat it. But if it has been asked again and again, it is because we need to repeatedly check our own motivations for laboring in the Lord’s work.

I am not cynical of ministry, I just know it is filled with humans (like you and me). Deity never changes! (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8). But our motives can start out pure and change as time goes by.

The young preacher can enter the ministry with a heart aflame for God, yet soon be guarding his paycheck. (Recently, I was told that I was rash in my decisions and I should think more of how the decisions might affect my income!) Success or failure can move our compass. Trappings of success bring praise and incentives—each of which can sway the thinking. Apparent failure can cause us to reanalyze our current position and make changes accordingly. (Judges 17) The problem lies in the fact that all of this can derail even the most sincere of God’s laborers.

The answer? We must remember this is HIS harvest. That means He takes responsibility for the result, yes. But it also means that he retains responsibility for the method. You never labor at another man’s work but that you do it his way. We have no more latitude for ministry that the breadth of the Word of God. And as for our motives, they must be directed to the Master. (1 Corinthians 4:1-4) After all, it is His harvest!

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