Training and Laboring

As a boy, I began to work with my dad building things. Many times he would credit us with more knowledge than we had at that time. He would give us a job, and then expect us to get it done. It would frustrate him when we didn’t perform it right. (I am not criticizing. It is something I have caught myself doing as a dad.)
Then one day my mother chimed in, “How can you expect them to do something you haven’t showed them how to do?” (Praise God for mothers!) I could tell even in that moment that it was a revelation to my dad. You see, my dad is one of the greatest teachers I have ever met. And in that moment he changed. He then combined laboring with training. This began many years of working beside my father picking up his skills as we labored together.
Skilled laborers don’t come by osmosis! Someone has to teach. I am not talking about lecture, but true one-on-one discipleship. Old-timer carpenters know this principle: apprenticeship.
God wants to send laborers, but where do they come from? What is the training ground of the Lord’s work? It is of course, the local church. We can teach by laboring together.
One question: do we assume that the laborers know the work or are we actively equipping them? We can’t honestly say that we are praying for laborers if we are not actively training men and women to do the Lord’s work.

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